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The association "Il Gustasapori" and chef Donatella

I Gustasapori association was established with the aim of discovering and sharing the gastronomic traditions of Tuscany and the Valdichiana.

Founded in 2000, the association welcomes you from a beautiful villa built in 1500 located near Cortona (Arezzo), surrounded by the beautiful Tuscan countryside, primarily through the experience and professionalism of chef Donatella Balducci. She has spent the last 20 years researching and rediscovering ancient recipes and Tuscan cooking traditions.

From the beginning of her gastronomic journey, Donatella was mentored by the journalist and food critic, Gianni Guido, who taught her the secrets of Tuscan cuisine. Over the years, Donatella has promoted her association by participating in numerous television and cultural events: on “Saturday In The Village” hosted by David Mengacci Donatella made ​​a number of typical Tuscan dishes. On “Village Travel Club”, hosted by Tania Zamparo, she prepared a traditional Easter lunch. On “Alice”, Donatella brought back an ancient Tuscan recipe. Also The Tuscan Sun Festival, an international event of classical music sponsored by the famous American writer Frances Mayes, has used the various examples of Donatella’s expertise for cooking demonstrations featured at the festival.

Chef Donatella will be your teacher of Tuscan cuisine for a unique experience at the cooking school Il Gustasapori in Cortona

Donatella wanted to bring the flavors of Tuscany abroad. She has given cooking classes in Dallas, Texas, and Canada for many years, promoting the importance of eating authentic dishes and following a healthy lifestyle.

Giving cooking classes at the headquarters of the association or at your home, Donatella has reintroduced the pleasure of a simple and authentic cuisine for the amateur cook to the professional chef of all nationalities. An interesting example is her encounter with the American TV host Robin Leach, who has taken several classes of Donatella’s for preparing Tuscan dishes.

Fontelunga vacation rental houses

The agriturismo Fontelunga, located near I Gustasapori, offers typical Tuscan farmhouses, apartments and villas with swimming pools, gardens and private parking in the peaceful countryside for spending unforgettable relaxing and tranquil holidays in Tuscany. The Catani family farm cultivated these lands since 1824, following ancient traditions and using in its restaurant only the freshest and highest quality food. Our guests can attend cooking classes and prepare traditional Tuscan dishes for friends and family. So you can combine a beautiful holiday in a Tuscany farmhouse of Fontelunga with a wonderful dining experience which will be enjoyable and fun for even the most inexperienced.

The Etruscan city of Cortona, located a few minutes away from Fontelunga properties, is easy to reach by car or train and is an easy drive to all the other main destinations of historical and artistic interest in Umbria and Tuscany such as Florence, Siena, Montepulciano, Perugia, Assisi and Orvieto.