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Single lessons

Individually personalized Tuscan cooking lessons

If you want to have fun as a chef for a day, take part in cooking lessons in Cortona with chef Donatella! Choose the cooking class you like the most from these suggestions and learn to prepare imaginative regional recipes from Tuscany and Umbria, under the supervision of a professional chef who will teach you all the secrets of traditional Tuscan cuisine.

Everyone can participate and help at the enjoyable lessons of Donatella. They are suitable for beginners and for those who can already cook. Learn to prepare fun Tuscan dishes and then dine together with your friends and family.
There are also intensive courses for tourists and locals, and special events dedicated to traditional Tuscan cuisine.

The cooking lessons generally last about two hours (from 10.30 to 12.30 and from 18 to 20) and are followed by sitting down at a rustic dining table to enjoy the prepared dishes, accompanied by excellent local wines from Tuscany and Umbria. A lesson menu includes 2 appetizers, 1 main course, 1 second course with side dish and 1 dessert.

For more details, refer to the descriptions of the various lessons suggestions.

Le lezioni di chef Donatella Impara con noi tutti i segreti della cucina

Tuscan cuisine

The Tuscan cooking class will give you a general idea of traditional Tuscan cuisine, introducing classic recipes that feature meat, cold cuts and cheese, as well as imaginatively modernized recipes customized by the chef.

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The medieval cuisine

The chef takes you into an ancient but unforgettable world, of history and cultural richness, in search of traditional flavors, very intense and delicious, offering recipes that combine unusual ingredients such as chicken with pomegranate.

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Dishes for the holidays

The lesson for typical Tuscan holidays will immerse you in a magical world ​​of ancient culinary traditions, an authentic menu for Christmas Day and Easter and all the other holidays. Come to Gustasapori to discover new and tasty recipes to be plated for presentation for the holiday menus, meat sauces to spice up the classic hand-made pasta, roasts, pies and baked vegetables, not to mention traditional Easter and Christmas desserts as well as from the Tuscan culture.

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If you love meat, you cannot miss a cooking class on game to learn how to prepare tasty appetizers, first and second courses featuring game birds and wild boar, pheasant, hare, roe deer, fallow deer, red deer, etc.

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Homemade pasta

Are you ready to knead and roll out dough by hand? A lesson in homemade pasta is a unique experience and necessary because not only is it fun but it is also important to learn how to cook the basis of the Mediterranean diet: pasta!

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